Baseball Reference Knows How to April Fool

For some, baseball is little more than a diversion, something to switch on at 7 p. But for the rest of us, maybe we don’t like fried chicken. Relax—it’s a metaphor. You know, for people who aren’t obsessed with baseball. We eat it up, from the moment we wake up in the morning and realize we’ve accidentally calculated Albert Pujols’ OPS in our sleep, to the precise instant we close our eyes again at night, with visions of October glory swirling through our brains. If you’re with me in the latter group, you’ve probably developed either over time, or in a sudden rush of Mark Zuckerberg-like intensity a healthy appreciation for statistics by now.

Let’s Settle This Baseball-Sex Metaphor Once and for All

In American slang , baseball metaphors for sex are often used as euphemisms for the degree of physical intimacy achieved in sexual encounters or relationships. Among the most commonly used metaphors is the progress of a batter and base-runner in describing levels of physical intimacy generally from a heterosexual perspective. Definitions vary, but the following are typical usages of the terms: [4]. The metaphors are found variously in popular American culture, with one well-known example in the Meat Loaf song ” Paradise by the Dashboard Light “, which describes a young couple ” making out “, with a voice-over commentary of a portion of a baseball game, as a metaphor for the couple’s activities.

She’s gonna give the go ahead, the inning isn’t over yet for me.

For some, baseball is little more than a diversion, something to switch on at 7 p.m. while you So where will you go to find up-to-date, in-depth stats to not only wow your fellow fans with esoteric

His 24 holds ranked tied for seventh in the National League Curtis Leskanic is third with games. Since , Belisle has appeared in more games than any other Major League pitcher Tyler Clippard is 2nd with games. Auctions – Bid or Buy Now. Over that same stretch at the end of June to beginning of July, Belisle recorded the Rockies longest scoreless inningstretch of the season, a Since , Belisle has appeared in more games than any other Rockies pitcher and is tied for the second-mostappearances in the Majors behind only Sean Marshall’s appearances.

Held right-handed batters to a. Belisle owned a 3. Belisle’s 10 wins in set a new career-high, were the most relief victories in the Majors and were the second-mostrelief victories for a Rockies pitcher in franchise history Gabe White 11 wins in Proved tougher to hit for left-handers. Belisle allowed runs in just four of his final 25 games from the beginning of Augustthrough the end of the season His 44 inherited runners were the second-most on the club M.

MLB free agency is not like the other pro sports leagues. While there are splashy signings right off the bat in the other sports leagues, the pace of free agent play in baseball is The Twins have designated Byung Ho Park for assignment following a disappointing major league debut as a designated hitter. Among the positive signs: They have, as Baseball Reference measures such things The Twins may well value him more highly than anybody else.

Best of the Decade: Left Field

We all know what getting to first base means, and I hope we all know what counts as a home run, but those second and third base definitions can get kind of tricky. I say we settle and define them! I don’t know about you, but I love baseball. Hello, tight white pants!

TIL that you can download stats in Excel format from Baseball Reference, Because is a simulation, Brady is dating a K-pop star 24 years his junior.

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Tim Tebow is a better pro baseball player than Michael Jordan was

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Retrieved January , Baseball Reference. Retrieved December , Retrieved August 27, The Orange County Register. September , July

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Matt belisle dating

In a parable that includes the baseball gods, the game of creation gave baseball nerds their holy grail. In the ninth inning, the baseball gods said, “Let there be a database equal parts time-sink and indispensable resource. And there was Baseball-Reference. And it was good.

Description Provides the tables from the ‘Sean Lahman Baseball People Player names, dates of birth, death and other biographical info bbrefID ID used by Baseball Reference website,

On the topic of greatness and Jesus Christ, she wanted to open with recollections of greats in other spheres. Having encountered Wilt Chamberlain in passing almost 40 years ago, she decided he was the great she wanted to highlight. The ubiquitous Sports Reference family of websites — Baseball-Reference. They draw users of all kinds, from people casually searching for a trivia answer to owners of professional teams.

Sports Reference, however, does not have the gleaming offices or huge staff of a digital titan. It has 11 full-time employees and is headquartered on the third floor of a building at Summit Presbyterian in Philadelphia, behind the year-old main church and above the gymnasium, which is often used as a day care center. It is, in fact, a point of pride among Sports Reference employees that the sites have grown from humble beginnings into oft-used resources. Until late last year, Forman, 47, was cleaning the office and taking out the trash.

They are among the most popular sports-related sites. Basketball-Reference trails only NBA.

MLB Scores and Standings

There’s a reason that baseball is still considered America’s pastime. As boring as it may be to the younger generation, baseball has given sports fans legendary bases, fascinating plays whats amazing athletes over the years. What started out as a lazy Sunday afternoon activity with my grandfather soon turned into an teenage passion.

My life revolved around those daily games.

Baseball Reference tweaks Arizona pitcher/rodeo roper Madison In NFL speed dating, coaches, prospects get acquainted at combine.

However, he injured his ankle in a play at home plate in the ninth inning of the game. After initially expressing optimism that the injury was not serious, he again was placed on the reds DL on July Kemp’s reds injury took a lot longer to heal than had been expected, and the team reported that they hoped to get him back in September. A few days later, he experienced tightness in the same hamstring he had hurt earlier in the year, and the Dodgers shut him down indefinitely.

However, he was a late scratch from a game on September 28 because of soreness in his ankle. An MRI the following day revealed major swelling in a contract-bearing bone in his ankle. Kemp was told that if he kept playing his ankle could break and leave him with chronic problems for the rest of his career. He was shut down, and the team announced he would not be available for the playoffs and would have surgery to repair the problem.

He appeared in only games in , due to his various injuries.

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The site has its roots at the UI. So he started putting together what would become Baseball-Reference. The site went live in , filled mostly with statistics of retired players from the database of Baseball Archive. He kept building the site, even as he finished his doctoral work at the UI and joined the faculty at St. He added box scores from every major league game played, dating back to before World War I.

It’s the baseball comparison you never asked for. Dating back to , there’s not a single major leaguer who’s had an OPS that low and Jordan’s baseball size, as listed by Baseball Reference, was 6’6 and pounds.

The ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia, edited by Pete Palmer and Gary Gillette, estimates that had the black leagues and the white leagues been merged into a team major league during the first half of the 20th century, an average black team during this period would have had 14 major league caliber players on its roster, 7 of whom could have been major league regulars and 3 of whom could have been stars.

What the level of play would have been, had blacks been able to compete on more or less even terms for spots in the team major leagues during this period, one can only surmise. Major league baseball, more than any other sport, has an historic record, and the skills of its players are amenable to measurement on the basis of statistics derived from that record. Moreover, that statistical record is growing in depth and sophistication daily through reexamination and analysis.

Players moved more freely from team to team. Negro League schedules were much shorter, with teams deriving a much more substantial proportion of their income from non-league exhibitions against all levels of competition from barnstorming collections of major league players to local semi-pro outfits. Much of the historical record, in the form of score sheets and box scores, has been lost, and that which remains lacks much of the detail of major league records.

Rinku Singh, Pittsburgh Pirates – 1st Indian Born Professional Baseball Player