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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Photography Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional, enthusiast and amateur photographers. It only takes a minute to sign up. On the underside of the barrel there is an eight digit serial number. On the lens mount there are no production codes. According to a couple of resources online there should be either a code containing a few letters or on newer lenses a 10 digit serial number. I have neither.

Canon EF lens mount

I am planning to buy used canon Ver1 lens. However seller has told me that he has not retained bill or receipt. Some time back i have seen a message in this forum that year of manufacture is coded in serial number of the lens. Can some one share that plse Regards Sudeep Manak ss. That chart shows info starting with and that lens version I could possibly date back to , its year of introduction. Take another look.

Name: Firmware update V for EF-E Smart AdapterTM MARK III; Release date​: 3 Feb ; Benefits and improvements: Support Sony A7II with 5-axis or.

EF stands for “Electro-Focus”: automatic focusing on EF lenses is handled by a dedicated electric motor built into the lens. Mechanically, it is a bayonet-style mount , and all communication between camera and lens takes place through electrical contacts; there are no mechanical levers or plungers. The mount was first introduced in Canon claims to have produced its millionth EF-series interchangeable lens on 22 April The EF mount replaces its predecessor, the FD mount.

The standard autofocus lens mounting technology of the time used a motor in the camera body to drive the mechanics of the focus helicoid in the lens by using a transfer lever. The key innovation of the EF series was to use a motor inside the lens itself for focusing. This allowed for autofocusing lenses which did not require mechanical levers in the mount mechanism, only electrical contacts to supply power and instructions to the lens motor. The motors were designed for the particular lens they were installed in.

The EF mount reversed the mechanical logic of the FD mount. The FD mount provided the three-eared bayonet fitting on the camera body, and each FD lens provided a breech-lock receptacle to register and fasten the lens to the bayonet. The EF mount reverses this logic, providing the bayonet on each lens, and a receptacle on the camera body.

Canon FD Lens Date Codes

Instructive post by The Digital Picture. How to know the age of your Canon glass? First, let’s quote The Digital Picture’s post:. While date codes and the shorter serial number are still found on some lenses manufactured as late as , this inclusion will likely end completely. We loved the date code because it made aging a lens easy.

2. Canon EF 50mm f/STM – Ideal for portrait and is a great low budget prime lens. Canon EF 50mm f STM Lens.

Protect your rental form accidents, spills, even theft. Visit your cart to add GearGuard Pro. View Cart Checkout Need to make a change? Edit in cart. Three aspherical lens elements and a Super-UD element assure image quality. Its ring-type Ultra Sonic Motor means fast and near-silent AF along with full-time manual focus override. Finally, because the lens can focus as close as 9.

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Best Lenses for Canon EOS 6D

Your PayPal receipt is your order confirmation. There is no separate email confirmation until shipment takes place. The following lenses have been tested for autofocus operation. Minimum firmware version required shown in parenthesis.

“To date we’ve launched ten critically acclaimed lenses, and as it’s a new system we plan to continue this, launching more RF lenses while still.

EF lenses on eBay. There are around a thousand free articles and reviews on the site – thanks to everyone who helps support it. Your browser does not support iFrame. As expected, quite a lot of specs have appeared via the Nokishita Twitter account. The current info is summarised at CR. The lenses that Canon will announce during are the RF50mm F1.

Best Lenses for Canon 80D – 2019 Buying Guide & Reviews

Canon is either sending mixed messages or leading a revolution…depending on who you ask. What are we talking about? The recent announcement that the company will discontinue production of its EF lenses was accompanied by a caveat that Canon will continue to make them if there is demand there. That makes sense, especially when you consider the nuances of the statement.

Canon Europe pro product marketing senior manager Richard Shepherd recently told Digital Camera World that the company would focus on RF lenses in the future.

numbers are typically located on Canon EOS DSLRs, EF lenses, Speedlite flashguns and within image EXIF data. Ignore Canon company codes! As well as​.

Canon has hundreds of lenses, and it can be very confusing for a beginner to understand what the best Canon lenses are for video. This article is written for the beginner who wants to start with decent lenses. Nobody wants to make a mistake! Just a quick note: You can buy third-party lenses for Canon cameras, but we are only focusing on Canon-branded lenses in this article.

The assumption being you have made up your mind to only buy Canon lenses for video. Canon makes different types of camera systems. The combination of sensor size and lens mount is what makes a system unique. Here are the four important systems:.

Want To Know How Old Your Canon Lens Is?

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But the EOS RP still strikes me as a strong value for folks who predominantly shoot everyday stills and want a full-frame camera.

EF mm f/; EF mm f/ USM; EF mm f/ USM Article ID: ART, |, Date published: 05/11/, |, Date last updated.

Adopted in this AF camera was the EF lens that was exclusively designed for totally computerized mounting system. At the same time, the company announced the movie video camera based on the VL mounting system. Canon developed EOS system in This system incorporates fully electronic mount system that controls AF auto focus drive electronically by a driving motor in the lens, and aperture diameter control by the electronic signal from the camera body.

This mount system realizes fully electronic control of all data transmission and control, eliminating any mechanical drive or data transmission. This system assures faster and more accurate interactive communication without any loss. The EOS system provides many benefits including;. These SLR cameras were an immediate hit upon release and in addition to the already high domestic demand, high demand was generated in the North American market as well.

The 35mm SLR camera leapt to stardom overnight.

Canon lens date codes and EF lens chronology

I have reviewed all the adapters on this site in the past, but by far my favourite is the Control Ring adapter. If you are unfamiliar with the nomenclature that Canon uses to describe their lenses, I recommend you read our previous post entitled Canon Lens Terminology and Abbreviations. Professional photographer based in the Yukon, Canada, and founder of Shutter Muse. His editorial work has been featured in publications all over the world, and his commercial clients include brands such as Nike, Apple, Adobe and Red Bull.

The lens is manufactured by Canon (the model was released ) and belongs to the category wide angle zoom lenses, a wide angle Canon EF mm f/2,​8 L USM ()

My two recently bought Canon lenses have no date codes. No number of any kind in the rear mounting. No other numbers that I can see except the serial number. Is it the end of Canon date codes? I’m not sure if they’ve done away with date codes entirely, or if it’s just certain lenses. Of course I think only L lenses had date codes to begin with, so if it’s not an L lens, that would be normal. All new L lenses have no date code. You can determine the age of the lens by the serial number.

One is my L from Amazon.

The First Canon Lenses You Should Buy

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How old is your Canon lens? With either the lens’ serial number or date code, that question can be answered. While date codes and the shorter serial number are still found on some lenses, this inclusion will likely end completely. We loved the date code because it made aging a lens easy. However, now we can age a lens based on the serial number alone.

For information on determining the age of a predigit serial number lens, see the section on interpreting the old date code below. To age a Canon lens using the digital serial number, we dissect the serial number as follows:.

Canon Quick Tips: EF vs. EF-S lenses