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Lord Voldemort Schools Wikipedia Selection. He is a Dark wizard bent on securing unmatched power and achieving immortality through the practice of the Dark Arts. The name “Voldemort”, roughly translated, means “flight of death” in Latin , French and Catalan, or “steal death” in French. Voldemort is so feared in the Wizarding world that his name is considered to be ineffable. Most characters in the novels refer to him as “You-Know-Who” or “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” rather than saying his name aloud; although the protagonist, Harry Potter, who was not conditioned to fear his name, speaks the name freely except when attempting to be sensitive to others’ fears. Some other young characters, like Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley, after some hesitancy, begin to follow Harry’s lead; Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore never hesitate to speak his name. Again others, such as Rubeus Hagrid and Minerva McGonagall have at least once spoken the name, when urged to by others. His followers, the Death Eaters, do not use his name but instead refer to him as the “Dark Lord”, and address him as “My Lord” or “Master”.

Fantastic Beasts 2 Harry Potter theory: Is THIS when Nagini first met Voldemort?

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You are not a Muggle or Muggle-born. · You have something especially valuable to offer him and it’s something he can either make long-term use.

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Tom Riddle — Audrie, for the female readers who are in love…

Originally posted by crystelgreene. Hiya may I have a male ship please? Im a Ravenclaw with a bit of Hufflepuff. Thick curly brown hair, hazel eyes and glasses. Im considered a “curvy girl”.

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Area that the blocks would cover if the tower were dismantled is not percep-. Tom W. Jax Taylor would be the type of dude to cheat on his girlfriend through a MySpace account — Reality Tea. Someone please inform Hailey. Yet when Lupin was in wolf form, would Tonks, hypothetically, be. By the time we meet him, Tom Riddle has traveled so far from the.

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20 Reasons Voldemort Would Actually Make A Great Boyfriend

Sometimes sitting together but mostly for potions and projects because you know even a little bit how his mind works. He is really interesting under his arrogance and big ego. I can probably harm you more that anything in this forest. Also someone has to be blamed. Hagrid is the most convincing person for this”his hands lowering to your waist and leans to your ear.

Her husband, Tom Riddle, leaves her very soon afterward – Dumbledore summer, and is accompanied by his group of friends which includes Avery and Lestrange. Years later, she would confess to Harry that he seemed to understand her.

Almost to a dangerous extent. Oh, and angst! Originally posted by engorgio. It came as a whisper, in the dead of night. She was asleep, lost in a dream, but then his voice appeared. It snapped her from the abyss of sleep, gave her the sensation of falling. Now, she startled.

Play Date – Tom Riddle × Reader

Tom would be very gentle after sex. He would suddenly go from being quite dominant to all lovey dovey. You would still be lying underneath him, he would be hovering on top. He would push some of your hair out of your face and pamper kisses all over your face.

It would seem somewhat frivolous for Rowling to include this specific date for no reason, and allows for some conjecture. Grindelwald, being a great Dark wizard.

And while Harry was sure he had never heard the name T. Riddle before, it seemed to mean something to him, almost as though Riddle was a friend he’d had when he was very small, and half-forgotten. But this was absurd. He’d never had friends before Hogwarts, Dudley had made sure of that. Anyone reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the very first time would probably not have noticed anything out of the ordinary in the above I certainly didn’t!

It’s innocuous enough; a strange feeling that we’ve heard of someone before without quite knowing why — it’s something which happens even to us Muggles all the time. At this point in the book, there does in fact seem to be no possible reason for the name T. Riddle to mean anything at all to Harry Potter, or to the reader. In short, no reason to dwell on this particular paragraph. No reason to pay extra attention to it. But let’s look at it in the light of what we find out in the second book itself.

Riddle is none other than Lord Voldemort. And Harry had a vague recollection of a friend called T. A positive association with the name, for no particular reason that he can name.

Ravenclaw!Reader Dating Tom Riddle Would Involve…

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Dating Draco Malfoy would include Dating Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody would include “Playing” with Tom Riddle would include.

Woooo more prompts! Woooo Tom! Tags : angel-with-broken-wings , jokergirl26 , lupinsbaby , wherethefairytalescometrue , deaths-maiden. It tends to go rather unpredictability for everyone involved. Harry Potter and the kind of? Originally posted by yocalio. Synopsis : Harry Potter has recently escaped from his dragon-guarded tower. So has his fellow prisoner – the dragon who was enchanted to guard him. Accompanied by a stranger with a familiar name, Harry finds himself with more questions than answers as he slowly learns about the customs of dragons and the history of the dragon he befriended, the fearsome Voldemort.

As you are probably aware of October 31st Hallowen, Samhein, you decide is around the corner. Every fic here is finished except two explicitly marked ones. Enjoy :. Merope Gaunt lived ten years longer, and everything changed.

Dating Tom Riddle Would Include

As such, spoilers will be present within the article. Riddle began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in and was sorted into Slytherin house. Some of his early activities included the opening of Salazar Slytherin ‘s Chamber of Secrets and the use of its monster to attack Muggle-born students; several months’ service as a purchasing agent for the Dark artefacts shop Borgin and Burkes ; use of the ability to speak Parseltongue ; and the attainment of immortality between the years of and , a process begun upon the creation of his first Horcrux at the age of sixteen.

Harry, at a year old, received a piece of Tom Riddle and has been carrying it within him since that time. There is, thus What would this consciousness involve?

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Tom Riddle Fanfiction — Tom Riddle being obsessed with you would include :

September Morfin Gaunt attacks Tom Riddle Sr. Just for spite, he hit Tom Riddle Sr. This… Read More. Merope Gaunt fools Tom Riddle into marrying her c. Most likely, she does so by giving him a love potion.

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Did Tom Riddle Have A Patronus?