Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2019

The analytica Matchmaking tool automatically compares the interests of visitors and exhibitors. It allows them to contact one another before the fair begins and make appointments to discuss concrete topics. As an exhibitor at analytica you will automatically be included in the app and integrated with your information on the product and application range. For their part, visitors provide information about exactly what they are looking for and their area of responsibility in their company e. The new analytica tool now “matches” this information and brings the appropriate contacts together. This means that business can be initiated even before the trade fair begins.

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Over the following decades, TIF has come to be considered as the “mother” of national exhibitions. It is also the largest trade exhibition not only in Greece but in the whole of the Balkan region. In addition, it has built up a solid reputation for hosting various parallel sessions, including international parternariat events, as well as business-to-government features. With a strong focus on showcasing entrepreneurship and innovation, TIF has consistently worked towards promoting the Greek economy and enhancing foreign partnerships, particularly in the wider region of Southeast Europe.

This year, the 85th TIF expects to equal if not outdo those figures.

The electronica Matchmaking Tool allows to contact exhibitors and to initiate business before the fair begins.

The Slovak Matchmaking Fair is focused on bilateral meetings, presentation of partnership offers, free production capacities or joint ventures in various areas of industry. It offers companies the opportunity to gain new contacts as well as business and investment opportunities. The main topic of this year is modern industry and its current trends. In a moderated panel conference, invited guests will discuss the topic of industrial diversification, also in the context of the COVID pandemic, talk about companies’ experiences and their ability to manage crisis situations, and will also address the attractive topic of the space industry.

Bilateral meetings will be planned with companies from these sectors: automotive, engineering, energy, information and communication technologies, research, development and innovation. Additionally, you can meet with representatives of universities and research centres, who will present their specific projects. This site uses javascript. To use all functions, please enable javascript.

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individualized generation of personal contacts appointment and meeting planning before the start of the trade fair personalized suggestions according to your.

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Danubia NanoTech at Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2019

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The electronica Matchmaking Tool allows to contact one another and to initiate business before the fair begins.

Since the meeting is preceding Regional Conference of Enterprise Europe Network large attendance of participants and technology brokers from Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Montenegro is expected. The Network’s sector groups for BioChemTech, Materials, and Nanotechnologies will be represented on the event through their representatives. The Horizon Event will focus is on three important aspects necessary for a successful grant application:.

The participants will be able to present a short summary of their research interests. For participants not being able to travel to Belgrade we will organize VoI meetings e. After registration, you can create your organization profile and book meetings with other participants that you may be interested to meet. You can also be asked for a meeting with other participants. It has been set-up by the Commission to manage a number of EU programmes on its behalf:.

Partner Searches – Brokerage, since the formation of an excellent consortium consisting of complimentary partners is essential for the success of a project application. More about

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Matchmaking for electronica offers you several new ways to initiate business and make appointments. The result: simplified, personal and promising planning for the fair. Your personal interests profile Create your personal interests profile.

I’m attending a trade fair and/or matchmaking event, what do I need to do to protect my IP? I’m attending a trade fair and/or matchmaking event, what do I​.

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Make the most of your visit to productronica by contacting relevant exhibitors before the fair even begins. Your personal interests profile Create your personal interests profile. Differentiating between the two categories—i. Filter capabilities are available in three categories, i. Automatic comparison of interests Based on your personal profile, we identify exactly the exhibitors who are relevant for you.

institutions to participate in the 3rd Belgrade Horizon Business & Innovation Fair which includes Info-session, Exhibition, and Matchmaking devoted to support.

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The Slovak Matchmaking Fair has become a relevant platform connecting academic sector, science, research, development with companies. The prestigious.

Use matchmaking — the free networking and meeting platform — before and during the fair. This tool was really useful for us because it was our first time at PSI and it gave us the chance to send requests to the most important companies. We arranged meetings and all the people who accepted our meetings came to the stand, so this was a real success. Please activate the functional cookies in our Cookie Preference Centre to use this function.

JavaScript must be activated. Participate now. Activation of your account can take up to 24 hours. What are the advantages of matchmaking for me as an exhibitor? Extend the duration of the fair: Get to know valuable business contacts 6 to 8 weeks before the fair. Draw attention to your interests at the fair: Take the chance to have business partners automatically suggested who match your requirements. Find lucrative contacts, companies, products and individual solutions with the help of industry-specific filter options.

You decide: When and who you meet. Make sure you spend your valuable fair time with the right business partners for securing your future business success.

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