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Even though many people in the United Kingdom are fine with interracial couples, there are also a few people who still find swirl dating to be awkward. Such people ask questions, give suggestions, and pass insults pertaining to racial stereotyping. This shows us how our society still not accepts interracial relationships and marriages. However, this is not the right thing. Everyone should have the freedom of choosing a partner, even if the partner belongs to a different race or culture. No outside party should give their opinion or express their dislike over it. The Strong Black woman is easy to find.

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Entertaining, informative, inspiring and educational conversations with Swirlers – men and women involved in interracial and intercultural relationships, specifically dating and marriage. We celebrate diversity in the human experience. The Swirl World: Interracial. Listen on Apple Podcasts. We Have a Special Announcement to Make!

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Screengrabs from YouTube. Though interracial couple channels on YouTube have been around for as long as any other, the past few years have seen them peak. Viewers watched influencer and beauty vlogger Patricia Bright fall for her now-husband Mike on her own channel. Model Nikki Perkins created a couples channel with her husband Jamie alongside her own , and Adanna and David Steinacker documented their relationship , with Adanna largely fronting most videos.

The most successful YouTubers are white and male in a Forbes list of the top ten highest earners from the platform, all were male and eight were white , a reality which partly fuels a belief that as a black female YouTuber, a white boyfriend is a surefire way to secure success and access. YouTubers in general know the trends that will make you blow up. If that boyfriend is white and is good looking?

WO2012054419A3 – Semi-tubular vane air swirler – Google Patents

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Kind code of ref document : A1. Ref country code : DE. Ref legal event code : Effective date : A premix burner for a gas turbine for use in power generation plants, comprises an axial swirler 12 to which pilot fuel gas and pilot air flow are delivered, and a duct for the premix flow 9 extending annularly and diagonally around said axial swirler 12 , which contains a diagonal swirler 8 to which premix fuel gas and premix air are delivered.

The axial swirler and diagonal swirler converge substantially at the outlet section 16 of the burner. A discharge throat 15 is attached to the outlet of the axial swirler 12 and extends axially from the outlet section 16 of the burner within the combustion chamber The presence of the discharge throat contributes significantly towards improving the working stability at high and medium loads of the burners in Siemens gas turbine machines of the VX4 type.

The present invention relates generally to gas turbines for power generation and more particularly to a high-stability premix burner for installation in such machines. These burners are used in annular combustion chambers. Twenty-four such burners are installed in the SW V As is known a CBO is a cylindrical extension situated at the burner outlet, with the same diameter as the outlet, the purpose of which is to modify the flame “time lag” and thus change the acoustic coupling between the flame and the combustion chamber.

To obtain low pollutant emissions, the main part of the flame in this type of combustor is obtained by premixing air with the fuel before it is delivered to the combustion chamber, using “lean” combustion mixtures.

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The computer code used for this purpose is first validated with the available experimental data. The effects of change in the percentage flow rate through the swirler, the swirl number, the hub diameter of the swirler and the diameter of the primary injection holes which influences the velocity of the jets are estimated first.

It is found that the flow rate through the swirler and the size of the primary injection hole have much more influence on the characteristics of the recirculation zone than the swirl number and the hub diameter of the swirler. But the earlier studies show that for a given flow rate through the swirler, the swirl number and swirler geometry have considerable influence on the characteristics of the recirculation zone in the absence of primary jets.

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Show full item record. The influence of swirler design parameters on the aerodynamics of downstream recirculation region Login. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. The influence of swirler design parameters on the aerodynamics of downstream recirculation region Kilik, Erol. Date: Abstract: The influence of swirler design parameters namely, vane shape flat or curved , vane outlet angle, aspect ratio and space-to-chord ratio number of vanes , on the pressure drop-mass flow characteristics and the size and turbulence characteristics of the downstream recirculation region has been determined experimentally.

A five-hole spherical pressure probe and hot-wire anemometry have been used for the investigation. A technique for simple and reasonably accurate interpretation of the signals from the hot-wire anemometer has been formulated. Its performance has been tested at first in round jets for which experimental turbulence data are already available for comparison purposes. The method has been applied subsequently to swirling flows issuing from the swirlers; the mean and turbulence characteristics of the flow fields have been determined in this way.

Also, detailed accounts of the previous experimental work on swirling flows and of some finite difference procedures for the computation of weakly and strongly swirling flows have been given. It has been shown that the hot-wire formulation developed provides a simple, economic and efficient procedure for the measurement of the turbulence quantities in swirling flows. The results have shown that curved vane type swirlers operate more efficiently than flat vane types such that a larger recirculation region and a stronger shear zone are induced at a lower pressure drop.

US9228741B2 – Liquid fuel swirler – Google Patents

But what is the swirl dating meaning? If you look up the term swirl on Urban Dictionary , the best results you see are the ones that talk about the beautiful union of a couple where the individuals have different ethnic or racial backgrounds to each other and create a swirl with each other through understanding, admiring and appreciating cultural differences. Ultimately, swirlers are those enjoying being with someone regardless of their background, ethnicity or race.

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Think interracial dating but with a twist! Nowadays, plenty of people are interested in interracial dating and they are looking for ways to meet interracial, mixed race singles that are aspiring for something beautiful. Dating today has become easier than ever, and Swirlr is here to prove that right! We match plenty of couples around the clock, and nothing brings us with more joy than seeing singles on our website becoming interracial couples for life.

Black and white singles in your area, and all over the globe, gather here to meet with each other, and we are happy to give them the tools to do it. Swirlr is for singles who choose character above color and culture. The Swirlr interracial dating community helps expand your dating pool, by bringing together people who aren’t constrained by race or culture on the road to love.

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This invention relates to an air cooling system in gas turbine engines and more particularly to a swirl nozzle means in the air cooling system to direct cooling air from a turbine nozzle vane tangentially against a turbine wheel. Hot gas turbine engines employ one or more combustion chambers in which the combustion of a fuel air mixture generates a supply of hot gas. The hot gas is directed from the combustion chamber to one or more turbine wheels where the hot gas is caused to flow between turbine buckets or blades which are mounted in a peripheral row on each turbine wheel.

These buckets or blades react to the impinging hot gas to convert energy in the gas to rotational movement of the turbine wheels.

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Effective date : Year of fee payment : 4. Year of fee payment : 8. Disclosed is a triple swirl gas turbine combustor using various fuels such as coal gas, DiMethyl Ether, and waste gas generated in an ironworks in a gas turbine. The triple swirl gas turbine combustor combusts three different fuels simultaneously or individually and various fuels such as LCV gas and HCV gas so that fuel flexibility can be improved. Swirl generated in a second swirler of the triple swirler is reversely jetted to increase a mixing degree of a fuel-air mixture and an intensity of a turbulent flow so that combustion efficiency can be increased, harmful exhaust gas can be reduced and vibration can be reduced.

The present invention relates to a triple swirl gas turbine combustor and, more particularly to, a triple swirl gas turbine combustor in which a combustion performance, overall available rate, and fuel flexibility of a gas turbine are increased. In recent years, since energy price is increased and global warming becomes more serious, it significantly needs to increase efficiency of a power generating facility and to develop technology using new renewable energy.

An integrated gasification combined cycle IGCC using a gas turbine is a current power generating system having the highest efficiency. Since the IGCC can gasify biomass, coal, and garbage such as waste carpet to generate electricity when a gasification system is coupled therewith, the IGCC is useful to generate electric power using various types of fuels.

However, since combined gas generated by gasifying various fuels has various components and a low calorific value, gas turbine combustion technology improved than an existing technology is required. That is, it is required a gas turbine capable of combusting various gas fuels stably. In general, a gas turbine is a rotary type heat engine including a combustion chamber provided with a plurality of burners at an upper side and driving turbine with combusted fuel gas at high temperature and high pressure.

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Swirling can now be done easily. We are here to help you match with a black, white, Asian or Latino swirler. Swirlr assists various singles all over the world in participating in intercultural dating. Join today to start meeting likeminded and good looking singles!

A swirl port extends from the sidewall of the flow channel though the flow directing body to Rolls-Royce PLC; Original Assignee: Rolls-Royce PLC; Priority date.

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The influence of swirler design parameters on the aerodynamics of downstream recirculation region

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To save this word, you’ll need to log in. He painted swirls of color on the canvas. Send us feedback. See more words from the same century Dictionary Entries near swirl swiper swipes swiple swirl swirler swirly swish. Accessed 25 Aug. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for swirl swirl. Entry 1 of 2 : to move in circles or to cause something to move in circles swirl. Entry 1 of 2 : to move with a spinning or twisting motion swirl.

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